The Mindful Birding project encourages birders to have gratifying experiences while maintaining the ability of birds to behave naturally. We present ethical birding guidelines from around the world, and offers awards to Birding Festivals that demonstrate improved or superior ethics. 

The project has three goals: (1) increase the conservation contributions from America's birdwatchers, (2) increase awareness of ethical birding guidelines, and (3) encourage a practice of mindfulness among birders.

Our image of a Mindful Birder is one who is aware of:

(a) the needs of wildlife

(b) the role birders can play in advancing bird conservation

(c) the ways he or she may influence the experiences of others

(d) themselves and their personal birding experience

(e) his or her safety and the safety of others nearby


Celebrating Bird Festivals' Accomplishments and Ethical Birding Guidelines.

Mindful Birding is a charitable project of the Morrissey Family Foundation with contributions from Brandon Breen.

Questions? Send us an email at mindfulbirding AT