Ways Birding Festivals Advance Conservation

Raise funds for habitat protection and restoration
Support local plantings of trees, shrubs, pollinator plants, and grasses that will provide additional bird and wildlife habitat while simultaneously sequestering carbon from the atmosphere
Provide education on local habitat and conservation issues
Offer carbon offset options to attendees through festival registration
Handout a list of human-caused sources of bird mortality
Prevent attendance to those who allow their cats outdoors
Honor people who modify their windows to prevent bird collisions
Influence conservation legislation (e.g., letter writing workshop to representatives on local conservation issues; have postcards for attendees to mail to elected representatives about a specific conservation issue)
Raises funds each year for the conservation activities of the hosting organization
Recognize landowners who exemplify conservation stewardship through their actions on private land
Raise funds for bird research aimed at informing future policy decisions.
Recycle materials at all its events
Allow ready access for children by providing kids' programs free of charge and offer student registration discounts. 
Offer workshop on carbon-neutral birding (bird by bike or foot, carbon offsetting, etc.)
Purchases a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation [Duck] Stamp, thereby supporting habitat acquisition and protection in the National Wildlife Refuge System
Contributes bird sightings from festival field trips to the global eBird program, thereby increasing knowledge about bird distributions and abundances.
Advocating for greater protection of nesting bird habitats
Encouraging citizens to take a Pledge for Birds, involving a monthly action to benefit birds
Provide scholarships to local students interested in natural science
Provide fishing line recycle containers to local parks
Provide signage for local natural areas
Donate to bird conservation organization
Aid trail maintenance of birding trails at local natural area
Support a Master Naturalist Program
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