New Listing of Bird Festivals Recognizes Conservation Action and Attention to Ethics

The Mindful Birding project has created a comprehensive listing of birding festivals in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. This listing contains over forty events and is available here. Birders interested in West Coast bird specialties will find festivals listed by month and location, as well as a link to each festival’s website.

Significantly, this new listing gives kudos to festivals that advance nature conservation and/or are dedicated to high standards of ethical birding conduct. Birders who use this list can therefore choose festivals where registration payments translate into healthier bird populations, and similarly they can choose festivals that have given thoughtful consideration to birding ethics. Festivals that advance nature conservation are highlighted on the listing with a green leaf icon, festivals that publish their ethical birding guidelines online receive a smiley face, and festivals that have received a Mindful Birding Award for Adopting Ethical Birding Guidelines are decorated with a blue ribbon. The Mindful Birding project recently designated three new award winners: the Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls, Oregon; the San Diego Bird Festival; and the Point Reyes Birding Festival.

Mindful Birding is a charitable project of the Morrissey Family Foundation that has three goals: (1) increase awareness among birders of ethical birding guidelines, (2) increase the conservation contributions from America's birders and birdwatchers, and (3) encourage a practice of mindfulness among birders.